The Importance of Shopping Local

We of course live by the value of supporting local commerce. With the weird times we have been experiencing it is even more crucial to support local. So we took the pleasure to write up the importance of shopping local:

  1. You will support and help passionate, genuine and overall great people. When shopping in small local shops, you will see people who devote their whole life to their boutique. These retailers are passionate about what they do, and it’s up to us to allow them to continue in doing so. When you shop local, you’re not only paying for the product, but the love that went into curating that product.

  2. Your money will go to stores where workers care about you! They adore making customers happy no matter the situation. Let’s be honest, we love receiving some personalized service and advice when we are shopping, right? Honestly the best place to shop - with an extreme personal touch, and knowing your purchase is helping the local economy! What’s not to love?!

  3. Locality creates a true community and a sense of neighbourhood. At Robin Retail, it’s something we love and care about very much. Having the spirit of a small village where everyone knows each other is simply lovely & heartwarming! Loneliness is hard to feel when you recognize some friendly faces here and there! 

  4. Local stores allow you to have access to unique pieces. For us, that’s one of the most important points. Sometimes we have that feeling of all being dressed the same with identical style and we are sure you may have experienced that too. Purchasing from local stores is your opportunity to buy unique items that aren’t found in the mainstream! It is also a way to get off the beaten track and find some very special pieces that you would never find in fast fashion stores. 

  5. Shopping local means improving your ecological footprint. Most of the time, purchasing from a small boutique is a synonym for a short supply chain. The impact on the environment of those stores is generally less than that of an international company. Indeed, local shopping is using less transport than your usual fashion company.

At the end of the day we really think that shopping local has many advantages, and of course we know it hasn’t been easy the past while because of the pandemic, so that’s where we come in! Thanks to our platform you can purchase all the pieces you want from our favorite local stores of Amsterdam. We will deliver your pieces super quickly via the most eco-responsible way possible: by bike! So go take a look through our website, you will probably find some amazing items, unique and rare, just what we love. And don’t forget about the retailers on the other end who do a little dance when you place an order!