The team's favourite summer destinations

It's about to be holiday season for most of us, so we thought we'd share our teams' favourite summer destinations with you in case you have no plans yet.

One of the biggest positive surprises whilst travelling was finding how gorgeous and fun Budapest is. The capital of Hungary is built in two parts and split by the river Danube. It's a great spot to visit during the hot days with your friends. The city offers lots of culture, architectural beauty, exploring opportunities and a solid going out scene. It's the perfect destination for a long weekend trip of 3 to 4 days. Some fun and cultural activities for the day include a visit of the Parliament which architecturally speaking is absolutely breathtaking both on the inside and outside, definitely the Fisherman's Bastion offering the best views over the city and lastly walking around to spot little cafés, book stores and restaurants. We suggest looking into Púder Bárszínház, Butter Brothers, For Sale pub and Pantry Brunch and coffee. To go out, you can just buy cheap alcohol (you'll be shocked by the prices) and go sit next to the Danube river or on the bridges close to it or to check out Szimpla Kert, Füge Udvar and Mazel Tov. 

Szimpla Kert

An absolute classic is the city of love: Paris. There is a reason why so many people love to add this city to their Europe itinerary: it's full of surprises and fun spots to visit and hang out. If you like to shop, especially so at smaller brands and perhaps even second hand, you should definitely have a look at the quarter of 'Le Marais'. It is an artsy, young and vibrant area that is full of great street style, street art and good vibes. If you get hungry along the way, definitely go to Eataly to grab a pizza .

If you are on the hunt for a good croissant 'La Maison d'Isabelle' has been voted to be the best croissant in Paris a few years back and their recipe hasn't changed since so it will definitely be a hit. 

For some cultural experiences that will enrich you in many ways, you should consider visiting Centre Pompidou which is an architectural wonder and features unique art in their exhibitions so an all-round experience is guaranteed. If you'd like to have gorgeous views over Paris, spot small artists in their worlds and get a workout in with all the stairs that you'll need to climb, go visit the Montmartre with the Sacré coeur church. 

Lastly, this can't be forgotten about especially if you love books and movies: the Shakespeare and Company. It's located in the renowned 5e arrondissement and has been the movie set for the romance film 'Before Sunrise'. Overall, it's a cute location and you can find a great selection of English books. 

Bookstore Paris
Another hidden jam in Eastern Europe is Ljubljana. It is the capital of Slovenia and a cute city that is definitely worth a weekend trip. You can visit the markets and grab some fresh food to eat next to the river  Ljubljanica tha runs through the midst of the capital. For beautiful views, the castle of the city is worth checking out but if you like to incorporate a little walk you should consider climbing Mount Saint Mary. Whilst you are in the capital of Slovenia we suggest incorporating a day trip to Lake Bled which takes about 1h30 by bus. Once arrived you can visit the tiny island of Bled situated in the middle of the lake and you can get there by row boat yourself or take a pletna with other people. Either way it will be a great experience. If you want to take a walk, you can stroll around the lake or walk up to the castle of the lake Bled and have a stunning view over the lake and the small island in the middle of it. Other than this Ljubljana tends to be a city that is forgotten about but still has to offer beautiful architecture, a new culture, delicious new food and simply lots of fun experiences that enrich you.