Sustainable Fashion Spotlight: Fashion for Good’s Good Shop

At Robin Retail we constantly strive for more conscious shopping - from working with sustainable and ethically themed boutiques, to encouraging bike delivery or parcel shipment with RePack. In fact the concept of Robin Retail, making local fashion boutiques’ assortments available online, wasn’t only created to support local boutiques, but also to battle fashion industry waste by re-localizing fashion consumption. That’s why we’ve had the opportunity to come together with Fashion for Good to tell you a little more.

Robin Retail is lucky to have partnered with special fashion boutiques in Amsterdam who carry a wide range of ethical and sustainable brands and products. By making their assortments easily available on Robin Retail and providing quick bike delivery, we are able to easily connect even more people to the conscious fashion world. And the great thing is, we get to work with boutique owners who have the best eye for fashion. Ranging from Lisa from The Collection One who curates a very unique collection of vintage and sustainable brands, to the team at Het Faire Oosten who make ethical and sustainable fashion products oh-so accessible. That’s what really gets our heart pumping - sustainable products that are truly fashionable.

Amongst the many boutique pioneers in Amsterdam who achieve this, the Fashion for Good’s Good Shop has caught our attention. Located in the center of the city, the Good Shop is an interactive retail space and part of the Fashion for Good Museum. The museum Shop stores products and brands, including Pangaia and Freitag, making the collection full of must-haves and we are obsessed. Even the beautiful layout of the shop makes it a joy to simply stroll around. Linked to the Good Shop is the Fashion for Good museum, which we have been invited to visit. 

It’s very important for us at Robin Retail to know and understand where our fashion products come from, and what impact they have on the environment. And this in each step of the fashion supply chain, from production to the last mile, which is exactly what the Fashion for Good museum helped us achieve even more. Their museum and installations offer an interactive and educative experience. From digitally designing your own circular T-shirt, to smearing biodegradable glitter on your face & body, we promise you, a trip to the museum will be anything but boring! We walked away having learned even more about the industry, but more importantly with information and inspiration on how we, too, can improve our ways on a business and personal level.

Working with these different boutiques and businesses that are striving to do better in the fashion industry is very stimulating for Robin Retail to continue learning and improving within sustainable fashion, and beyond that we simply love working with these passionate people! Fashion for Good, too, is very in line with many values at Robin Retail, which is why we like to put initiatives like theirs in the spotlight. And who knows, maybe one day their beautiful sustainable fashion shop will be available for bike delivery on Robin Retail!