Our 5 favorite Amsterdam coffee spots for your shopping break

We all know the feeling - the buildup of excitement and adrenaline when you go for a shopping spree, only to experience waves of exhaustion a few hours in. After having visited all those boutiques, tried on a bunch of different clothing (we just hope for you that doesn’t include jeans) and walked your 10,000 steps, the relief of sitting at a cozy cafe is oh-so rewarding. We have made it a bit easier for you by selecting our 5 favorite hotspots in Amsterdam for when you shop-till-you-drop. 

Bocca Coffee - Kerkstraat 96H (Centrum)
Bocca Coffee
Delicious coffee and a great environment - all you need for a good rest before you go back to shopping. Located towards the center of the city, it has close proximity to many different shopping areas, such as the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, Leidsestraat, and even the 9 Streets. Take a cute picture while you’re there!
D&A Hummus Bistro - Westerstraat 136 (West)
D&A Hummus Bistro
Some in Amsterdam say this place has the best hummus in town. We recommend you go test this out for yourself too! Walking distance from the Haarlemmerstraat and other shopping areas nearby, this is a great place to rest and re-energize. 
Ikaria Food - Bilderdijkstraat 108K (Oud-West)
Ikaria Food Amsterdam
Another really special place for a drink and a snack. Ikaria food specializes in Greek coffee and their food is to-die-for. Close to the Hallen, the Kinkerstraat and other West shopping spots, the cafe is located on a very cozy (and often sunny) terrace with a city view. Not sure if anything tops this place in terms of resetting for more shopping. P.s. get their banana bread. 
GlouGlou - Tweede van der Helstraat 3 (De Pijp)
GlouGlou Amsterdam Hotspot
Yes, we know coffee hits the spot when you just need a bit more energy. But there’s no reward like a delicious glass of wine after a day of shopping. That’s why we had to include this one in the list! Sit back, relax, and enjoy a great assortment of wines to wind down after your long shopping spree. You deserve it! 
Mitts - Javastraat 49A (Oost)
Mitts Amsterdam Hotspot
For the ones who decided to do most of their shopping in Amsterdam East, we also have plenty of recommendations! One of the top choices by far is Mitts who has a very cozy spot in the middle of the business of East. Their Middle Eastern inspired dishes and fresh ingredients offer guests a great menu to choose from. So yes, we do recommend not only to get a drink at Mitts - please enjoy the food!

Shopping sprees can be exhausting, but the break spots in between are part of all the fun. Finding the unique cafes that offer rest as well as good vibes and delicious food and drinks can be hard, so we hope this list helps you out a bit. 

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