How to make your favourite drinks at home.

Don't we all hate when we just want a good drink but then look at the prices of the cocktails on the menu and think we could have simply made them ourselves for a cheaper price?

Well, we are here to support you. We will teach you our team's favourite drinks to remake easily at home. If you have a terrace or even a garden, you can invite your friends over and impress them with your new cocktail making skills. 

Let's start off with the Robin Retail team's favourite drink: Hugo. It is a simple 4 ingredient cocktail that simply hits different. All you need is prosecco, elderflower syrup, sparkling water and fresh mint (the sparkling water can be left aside if you want). Add the mix to a glass with some ice cubes et voilà, the perfect refreshing drink for these hot summer days. For a detailed recipe, have a look here.

Hugo Cocktail

Another good one that is sometimes forgotten about is the Moscow Mule. Again, super simple 3 ingredient drink that consists of Vodka, Ginger beer and Lime. If you want to have the whole atmosphere, you can grab yourself a beautiful set of the classic Moscow Mule glasses and add some ice cubes to them along with your mix and there you go, another drink to add to your palette. For exact measurements, look at this link.

Moscow Mule
And the last one literally tastes like summer on a beach with the sun shining in your face and your tan slowly developing: Piña Colada. The coconut flavour of this drink simply screams hot summer days. Get ready to buy a bottle of Malibu, some pineapple juice and coconut cream. To properly mix all of the flavours, get yourself a shaker and start working on those arm muscles. For detailed measurements, have a look at this website and make your cocktail a hit!
Pina Colada

  Are you ready to host your next cocktail night?