Where to cool off during the hot summer days.

Summer has officially begun and the heat is coming our way. Heat waves have been hitting the big cities of Madrid and Paris these past weeks and it won't take long until they will eventually come to Amsterdam. So we better be prepared because we know how painful the heat can be. Buckle up, we're about to introduce you to spots and activities that you can do to cool off for those steamy days. 


First off, a pretty obvious activity: swimming. Around the city there are a few pretty nice spots you can go to. Lots of people make their way to the Amstel river located towards the East of the city and extending to the Southern edge of it. If you are looking to lie down and go for a little swim every now and then in order to cool off and make the heat more bearable, we suggest going to Park Somerlust in Overamstel. It's a nice little spot with restaurants and cafés around so you can plan a whole day there. Other than this, Sloterplas in Nieuw-West shortly after Vondelpark is another pretty popular spot to cool off in the water. If you however live more towards the centre, Marineterrein close to the Centraal Station and the NEMO museum, is a great option for you. This place tends to be pretty popular in summer so make sure to go early enough to secure a good spot for the day.



If you are not the biggest enthusiast of swimming then maybe you can make your way to Zandvoort for the famous 'Uitwaaien'. Only a train ride away, this small beach town is a popular day trip location for lots of people from Amsterdam, whether it is to escape the crowds, to go for a swim or to uitwaaien, there is something for everyone. You can bring your little picnic and your favourite book from home, get yourself a nice little towel, pack your sunscreen and headphones and make it a day at the beach. 

The last option is the least glamorous but hey it works if you really need some refreshment. Pretty much all of the shops on the Kalverstraat and Leidsestraat have ACs. That way you can look around some shops to complete your summer wardrobe or already prepare for the next season all whilst being nicely cooled off and protected from the sun rays. 

Let us know which one of these options you gave a try during the famous 'Dutch Heatwave' on our Instagram: @robinretail.