The best shopping routes in Amsterdam for your Christmas purchases

There’s nothing cozier than walking through Amsterdam during Christmas, with the light festival sprucing up our city, and shop windows fully decorated to be extremely inviting. Maybe get a gluhwein on the way!

We wanted to collate our favorite shopping routes for all your needs - whether that’s a quick browse or a full day of shopping (including some lunch!). 

15 minute browse

For a quick and goal-focused shopping trip, you’re best off going to some of the smaller streets that are home to many unique stores. Gerard Doustraat and its connection to the Pijp is one of our favorites! The street is full of jewelry shops ranging in price and affordability, lifestyle shops, and some great fashion stores that will definitely have a gift for your receiver! Check out Verse for some sustainable options, Anna + Nina for beautiful jewelry finds, and the Kinderfeestwinkel to rejoice the feeling of shopping as a kid. Sijmon’s bloemen is also perfect for your favorite flower finds. The Gerard Doustraat is also connected to some other streets home to boutiques such as the Ferdinand Bolstraat and the Eerste van der Helstraat, as well as the Albert Cuypstraat which is a great spot to get a fresh snack. 

1 hour browse

Our next recommendation is a shopping route that combines two famous streets - the Utrechtsestraat and the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. Once you get to the end of the Utrechtsestraat, go left onto the Herengracht until you reach the Spiegelstraat. The Utrechtsestraat is perfect for some good shopping with a wide mix of small independent boutiques and some bigger shops who can fulfill some specific needs. Some of our favorites are MaisonNL, Naturel, and We Are Labels. The Nieuwe Spiegelstraat has a bit of a different vibe - it is full of beautiful vintage shops, some fashion labels, and some of the best food in town! The Nieuwe Spiegelstraat is also one of the most beautifully decorated during the Christmas season in our opinion! Stop by Oallery, Spiegel Amsterdam, and Soup enzo for a delicious soup break. End at the Rijksmuseum for a scenic and cozy walk. We recommend doing this one in the late afternoon/ early evening to fully enjoy the atmosphere that is created. 

Day browse

If you’re able (and willing) to spend a whole day on shopping, we have the route for you. We recommend you start in the 9 streets - specifically we think you should start at the corner of the Singel and the Gasthuismolensteeg. Go down the 9 streets until you reach the end of the Runstraat. At the end, cross the bridge and turn right on the Prinsengracht which will bring you to the Elandsgracht, bringing us to our next hotspot! Go down the Elandsgracht for some great stores, cafes, and services. 

We also have a few recommendations of places to visit in the 9 streets and the Elandsgracht. Firstly, make sure to stop by shops like Mint Mini Mall, JOZ, and Velour for some special finds! Stopping for (takeaway) lunch at Pluk is always a good idea (and they sell some nice gift ideas). On the Prinsengracht, we highly recommend you check out the unique jewelry store Eenvoud - you can always find an extraordinary piece there! On the Elandsgracht some of our favorites are Number Nine, Tenue de Nimes, and Fou Fow Ramen for a delicious bite to eat!

To continue on the journey (with ramen being the perfect lunch break), take a stroll down the Kinkerstraat to enter a new area in West! Wander through the hallen (take a visit to the Gathershop, the Maker Store, and Church of Labels), to exit into the local market! They, too, have some great snacks if you’re still feeling hungry. You can continue your journey down the Kinkerstraat, to turn a left onto the Jan Pieter Heijestraat. This street is home to more boutiques and little lifestyle shops that will bring joy to your heart! Our highlights are Johnny at the spot, JPH store, and Objet.

That concludes our shopping route recommendations! We hope you’re able to find the joy of shopping back in these streets, are able to enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights, and spoil yourself with some yummy food and drinks on the way. Make sure to let us know if you decide to take these routes - you can tag us at @robinretail, or use the hashtag #robinretail - and who knows, maybe we’ll share your post on our socials!