Robin’s ethical guide for winter fashion essentials

Today, we’ll be looking at a subject that we particularly appreciate at Robin and we know you do too... Yes, we are of course talking about fashion! For us, this year, fashion has rhymed with comfort and cosiness as the long months of lockdown made us discover and deeply value our loungewear items. And we are not going to lie; we loved spending our days in a warm and large jogger sets but we also really enjoyed being able to dress up again after these past months.

So as the December month has arrived, we thought it was the perfect moment to present our fashion guide for this winter season with an ethical and sustainable twist! We stand by these values and we think that we can always opt for more conscious options when it comes to shopping so let’s show you what we got.

The major statement item of our winter is definitely an oversized blazer, it really appeared last year but is still on trend this season; it is such a timeless and easy piece to wear! We really love that type of jacket that can highlight an outfit and make it more stylish and fashionable just by throwing it on a monochrome look. We hope you are craving blazers as much as we do because we have the perfect black blazer that everyone needs in their closet. You can find this go-to blazer in the online store NOUMENON, an Amsterdam based website that promotes only sustainable brands, so it is everything that we love!

And this gorgeous blazer is from a very nice New Zealand brand called Sisterhood. Everything from their website is plastic-free; they source 100% sustainable fabrics and care for plenty of other positive things. To finish with this true statement piece, you will adore its stunning structure and oversized look that goes perfectly with everything!

Let’s move on to our shoe guide for this winter! This season, like the blazers, it’s the big and the chunky shoes who win! Whether it is for some Chelsea boots or stylish loafers, you need to own a pair of chunky shoes! The first advantage: - it helps you gain a few centimetres; the second one: - your feet won’t be cold or soaked anymore; and last but not least: - you’ll be super stylish! For the boots selection, we have two propositions from Vagabond for you. One classic pair yet timeless and easy to wear with whatever you want.

And a second one, more original with its white colour that brings some lightness to a winter outfit. It’s really the perfect pair of boots to lift a very simple outfit.

And finally, for the more audacious ones, we love the combination of chunky loafers with cute glittery socks! Our choice here is from Arket, the more conscious and qualitative brand from the H&M group and the camel platform is the particularity that we find really stylish in this classic pair of loafers. These shoes are also a great investment for every season, with or without socks it is adapted to every type of weather!

After this shoe parenthesis, let’s return to the clothing, shall we? As we said at the beginning of this article, jogger sets were the big thing during the lockdown and we still think it is now. The comfort of those pieces in addition to the sportswear look is all we are looking for during these cold months. And don’t think it is only a lazy outfit, - jogger sets can be really cool, and here are our favourite ones. The first option is coming from Sweden. Djerf Avenue is a brand created last year by the Swedish beauty Matilda Djerf with common values of sustainability, and we are here for it! Her collection has 3 jogger sets, white, grey and baby blue, and we can’t decide the one we like the most! Be careful, her clothing items are sold out very quickly as there is a limited stock.

The second that we have comes from Denmark – jogger is really a Scandinavian thing apparently – from the brand Colorful Standard. They have their unisex set in multiple colours so you will definitely find one you like! The association of the sportswear look of the jogging with a more chic piece like a long wool coat is our favourite for this winter!

You probably saw those cute sweater vests all over Instagram since fall and also wondered where to shop some? Well, we are here to provide some of our favoured ones! For that, let’s go to Amsterdam and one of their typical fashion stores. The Darling is one of the local addresses that we enjoy the most in our city. They have a lot of very unique and original fashion pieces and it is there that we discovered our great sweater finds! Are you more like a plain sweater or houndstooth pattern? Both are available online and on their store so you can even have a look directly in Amsterdam! These sweaters are a great way to simply improve a basic outfit without having to put a lot of effort into it which is why we love them so much!

All those items represent for us the real statement pieces to have for a fashionable 20/21 winter. Moreover, if you have more, please let us know in the comment section and share your preferred trends!