About Parque

In one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Amsterdam, de Pijp, little department store parque is located in the Quellijnstraat 103. The 31st of March 2019 Kirsten started a new adventure and parque opened its doors.

The name parque is a combination of the previous function of the building combined with the street name. Quellijnstraat 103 used to be a parking garage, park and que make parque! A park is a place where people meet and where everyone's welcome and so is parque.

A little department store, the name says it all, parque sells a variety of unique brands, including a number of Dutch brands. Are you looking for a special item or a nice gift then you’re at the right place!




About Kirsten

For 10 years Kirsten worked at a company in a similar business. She decided it was time for the next step.

She took some time off and find out what she really wanted to do. With all the experience she gained at her previous job, she figured opening up her own shop would be the right thing to do. She fell in love with Quellijnstraat 103 and soon it was hers, and the start of parque.

Kirsten is a very warm and welcoming person, she always strives to give everyone the best experience at parque. Always willing help you find what it is that you're looking for!



Quellijnstraat 103



+31 20 7769588