Local hotspots worth checking out

Have you ever reached that point where you'd like to do something fun but have no clue where to go? We've got you covered. The Robin Retail team has put together a series of hotspots within the city of Amsterdam, ranging from day to night activities - maybe there is something that raises your curiosity. 

The first hotspot is more of a morning or day activity and is especially fun on the weekend. Being a bio market on Saturdays, the Noordermarkt farmers market offers a range from delicious foods to vintage or self made clothing pieces - and is hence definitely worth having a look at. You can find fruits, vegetables, various kinds of cheeses and small bakeries with delicious pastries to start your day off right. If you are already in the shopping spirit, small stands are selling hand made hats or unique second-hand clothing. So there might be a steal for you there. If you can't make it on Saturday, there is a flea market at the Noordermarkt on Monday mornings from 7h30 until 13h.

If you haven't had breakfast or simply still need that morning coffee to get properly started, we suggest the small cafe Back to Black. Located in the Weteringstraat, close to the Rijksmusuem, this small acfe offers super delicious coffees in different variations and some good pastries and cakes if you need to satisfy a little craving. You can sit down in this adorable cafe or take it to go and go to the small gardens around the Rijksmuseum which give you total main character vibes. Up to you.
Back to black

Now onto an afternoon/evening activity. If you're a film lover and would like to be immersed into a world of unique, shaping movies, then LAB111in Oud-West is the place for you. The place itself is absolutely worth visiting, being installed within the walls of the former pathological anatomical laboratory of Amsterdam - it calls for a unique experience. The film program consists of classics as well as unconventional movies that should inspire its viewers to be questioning and reflecting on the world as we know it. If you do not feel like a movie, the Bar Strangelove, also located in LAB111, will offer you a great refreshment from alcoholic drinks to coffee and still your hunger with little sweet snacks or delicious pizza. Curious?


Moving to a whole different part of the city, another bar that is great for a cheeky little drink out, is the Kriterion cafe. Located in Roeterseiland and merged with another fun cinema, this cafe is a cute little spot to grab drinks with your friends and admire the personal styles of people around you. If you are done with your drinks and feel like some fresh air, you can easily take a beautiful walk along the Amstel river which is only a few minutes away. 


If you, however, feel like going out, our team suggest 'Marktkantine'. It was built in 1936 as a cateen for Dutch market traders and hence has a rich history in music,  to offer once you visit it. It was transformed into a theatre in 1950 and then to a dance club in the 90's when the dance scene started to develop in the Netherlands. Today, they have weekly events mainly surrounding Techno music but offering a great atmosphere and very fun and nice people to dance and connect with. Be quick - they're unfortunately closing their doors soon!