Feeling like pizza? Let us introduce you to our hot spots.

Yes, after a long day, it is always great to treat ourselves to the finest Italian food. Simple but always a safe bet. As we at Robin Retail are also big enthusiasts of Italian food, we would like to introduce you to the best pizza spots in our lovely home called Amsterdam. Psst, these are all Italian certified by our Italian intern, so believe us when we say these are good.

  1. Mangia Pizza da Antonio: Starting off, we have Mangia Pizza da Antonio which can be found in two different locations: Vondelpark and Vijzelgracht. The founder of this restaurant is a creative Italian chef that grew up in a small town near Naples, the place of origin of the famous Napolean pizza. Through bringing Italian tradition into the pizza dough, these are about as close as they get to the authentic pizzas of the South of Italy. Through using fresh ingredients, baking the pizza in a wood oven and adding a huge passion for this delicious food, simply makes this the best pizza spot in Amsterdam in our opinion. Have we made you hungry yet?;) We say it is time to treat yourself to some delicious Italian gold, a.k.a. pizza.
    Mangia Pizza da Antonio
  2. La Perla: The second pizzeria that we think is worth checking out is called La Perla and located in the neighbourhood of the Jordaan. Located in what is often referred to as Little Italy of Amsterdam, because of the large variety of Italian restaurants in the Tweede Tuindwarsstraat, this place offers a menu composed of delicious pizzas, pasta and tasty wines. The limited amount of pizza on offer all stay traditionally Italian in their ingredients and the way that they are baked in a wood oven. To us, it is the perfect spot for a pizza break after a long day or simply for a beautiful and deeply enjoyable date. Be fast because people love this spot.
    Pizza La Perla Amsterdam
  3. Casa Nostra: The last little spot is another Italian spot located in De Pijp called La Casa Nostra. Through their restaurant and menu, they celebrate and share their passion for food and cooking. The tradition is deeply entrenched into their recipes which are revived recipes of their grandmothers. It is run by two men that are passionate cooks and want to give you a taste of the flavours and aromas of their home country. Rated with the certificate of excellence multiple times in a row, makes this small spot a great place to try. Working with ingredients that are in season, their menu varies but always features homemade pasta, pizza and desserts as well as a selection of wines and aperitivos. Yes, that is right you can have a whole authentic three course meal at La casa nostra.
    Pizza La Casa Nostra