Go grab yourself some good coffee.

You do not have to tell us that you are a coffee addict, cause honey we all are. When you are out in the city shopping or simply walking around taking in the beauty that this city offers us, there is temptation everywhere. The feeling of craving a good coffee after a long day or simply as a treat is something we know too well. 

To make things easier for you, we have decided to share our favourite spots with you, so if you are ever curious to try something new, you have some good options. 

Cafecito Amsterdam

Starting off with Cafecito, a great spot, if you are around the Elandsgracht or Museumplein. The small cafe doesn’t seem to be that secret little spot anymore because they have just opened a new one at a corner in Nassaukade. Besides that this is a great option if you are looking for great coffee that has a gentle taste and are a fan of freshly baked muffins. We suggest trying the Chocolate Tahini one and the Lemon Honey one. 


Screaming beans Amsterdam


Next up is a small cafe located in the Nine Streets: Screaming Beans. Offering a small variety of authentic coffees including the classic cappuccino and great espresso, this cafe is a great little spot to sit down if you need a shopping break whilst in the Nine streets. If you do decide to go here, let us tell you to try some of their snacks, from cookies to pastries, the best ones they offer might just be the Almond orange cake or their cinnamon buns. Just trust us on this one. 


Bakhuys Amsterdam

A cute little cafe with really good pastries (especially the pain au chocolats *wink wink*) is Bakhuys. Located close to Frederikplein, this small café offers a large range of snacks for the morning but also has some lunch options depending on what you are looking for. This is an ideal spot if you are looking to explore the Amstel area or even Oost. It is great to just sit down and have a little break. We know what we are talking about because we have basically spent every lunch of last year at this place. And you might want to get your next baguette or loaf of bread here, just saying;)

Concerto Amsterdam


If you are however out shopping on the Utrechtsestraat, then you might want to have a look at Concerto. This place is both a shop that sells CD’s, Vinyls, Posters and Films as well as a small cafe in the midst of it all. Be ready for some great tunes and really good snacks, especially the cookies, brownies and banana bread. They offer the classic coffee options but this place is really all about its unique flair. You can even sit down for a bit in the midst of hundreds of films and books, so what are you waiting for? We think it is time for a little excursion to this lovely street in the centre of Amsterdam. 

Are you hungry yet?;)