Why you should declutter your spaces and what to pay attention to when doing so.

Many of us keep buying things that we don’t need, leaving us with endless clutter in our homes. The spring is typically known as the season for the big spring decluttering, and yes we know what you may think: ‘Ugh, I want to do it but I don’t have the time’.

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But let’s be honest, we have time, it simply seems like too much work and we love finding excuses to avoid it, don’t we? Too many of us feel a sense of anxiety and stress on a daily basis but often, it is simply linked to the way we keep our spaces messy.
Through getting rid of the things that you do not need anymore, such as the amount of junk that is piled in our office drawers, food that is way over the due date, books that you do not read anymore or simply clothes that have been hanging in your closet for months without being worn, you will feel a certain sense of freedom. The action of taking out what you do not need or use anymore is a form of self care and hey who doesn’t love a moment of self-care and feeling like they have their life back together?

Anyways, enough talking, let’s cut to the chase: how can you start decluttering your space? We suggest starting with one designated space or room in your home, look at what you can find in it and carefully consider which items you actually use and which ones have not been touched in months or were even forgotten about. The simplest method would be to make piles:

  1. Put away, meaning that you will put the things back in their original spot. We all know the amount of mugs or glasses that are taken into our rooms and simply pile up on our desks. Yes, now is the time to clean them and put them back where they belong, trust us when we say it will feel so much better afterwards. 
  2. The ‘put away’ pile is more linked to general stuff in your home but let’s make it more fashion specific, how do we organise the mess that our closet is? You can make four different piles:
    1. Keep, meaning the clothes that you will keep in your closet because you wear them on a regular basis or they are basics that you can easily combine to build an outfit. These pieces definitely also include transitional items that can be layered or combined in fun ways to build outfits for the days on which the weather does not seem to know what it wants. So make sure to keep a few staples in your wardrobe. 
    2. Alter, these are the items that you would like to upcycle to make them into something new and exciting. Or if you have kids, you can give them these pieces to be creative with. 
    3. Donate, this one can be linked to clothing that you can easily donate to charity shops or donate to a drop off point to help the Ukrainian refugees. (Use this link to see where you can drop off clothing or even food: https://help-ukraine.nl/collection-points-in-the-netherlands )
    4. Sell: for small prices, old clothing can be sold online through channels such as Vinted, Depop or even Facebook groups on which people give away their things or sell them for very good prices. And who doesn’t love to make some extra cash?


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We know it sounds like a lot of work but taking it one step at a time helps. It is easiest to divide the process into your different rooms or different kinds of items if you plan to declutter your closet in specific. This will make the task less overwhelming.
Remember: decluttering your spaces means decluttering your mind, a fresh mind will offer you a different and more positive perspective on life, so give it a try and share with us how it made you feel through our instagram: robinretail.