How to offer a jar for Christmas

Ahhh December, the first snow, the decorations, Christmas, and of course New Year’s Eve...The last month of the calendar is always a very joyful and exciting one but we also know how stressful this period can be when it comes to the hunt for the perfect gift! That’s where we come in, to help you and suggest some very creative and responsible ideas. In our opinion, some of the best presents are those made ourselves, with our hands and all our heart! So get ready to cut, draw, and more with two of our favorite DIY ideas!

The Cookie Jar

This first DIY gift is an offer to all the little gourmets and food lovers we know. Cookies are always a great present and even more during the Christmas season as it is comforting and super yummy for a cozy night in by the fire! The beauty of this recipe is that it comes in a pretty glass jar that you can decorate the way you want to!

For our cookie jar, you will need to add the following ingredients into the jar, in consecutive order (don’t forget to tamp all of those down so it creates nice levels of each of the components):

-        175g of flour

-        125g of brown sugar

-        1 teaspoon of baking powder

-        100g of chocolate chips

-        100g of walnuts

After you have done this, you just have to add a little tag with the last instructions for the lucky receiver of that cookie jar! You can use this text that we wrote below or personalize it as you wish.

“To bake these cookies, preheat the oven at 180°. Then, empty the whole jar into a bowl and add 125g of softened butter, mix everything together. After that, add 1 egg to the mixture and mix again. Put your bowl in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Finally, roll the dough into small balls that you place on baking paper and put the cookies in the oven! Bake for 11 to 12 minutes; let them cool down a few minutes until it’s finally time to enjoy!” 

This recipe is tested and highly approved by our team so we hope this will light up someone’s Christmas day!

NB: Christmas is not only about the others so don’t hesitate to do yourself a treat and cook these cookies for yourself, we won’t say anything, promise! 

The encouragement jar

After this very anxious 2020 year, some people might need extra support and we understand that because us too! Robin Retail has the best DIY idea for anyone who requires a little attention and crutch to finish this year and start the new one more confident and positive!

Our encouragement jar is a very easy and cute concept and you will only need a few things, therefore it is a perfect last-minute present:

-        A jar of your choice

-        Paper sheets (white or colored)

-        Pencils, markers

-        A ribbon

The main goal of this present is to express your affection and admiration to the receiver by writing him some very personal and positive quotes. You can say whatever you think will warm the heart of that person; it can be some shared memories and adventures, support notes, or love words and of course, there’s no minimum or maximum! You can make as many notes as you want: for a month, 6 months, or even a year. You decide, it’s up to you!

To create this encouragement jar, you just have to cut as many tags as you want in the form that you desire: square, round, rectangle... and write everything you wish on it! You can also add some decoration on the notes or the jar and finish the gift with a pretty ribbon and a tag. Last instruction: make this jar as honest and unique as possible because it is amazing how some simple words can change someone’s day!

Then, when you will offer that jar, the person will open those words when she feels a bit down or needs a bit of encouragement and all your hard work will pay off! This DIY is the simplest one but also the most personal one and we are sure that the donor of the gift will enjoy the whole process of writing as much as the receiver! It is an easy and quick treat but trust us, it does its effect!

We really hope you enjoyed those two super cute and responsible Christmas ideas and we would loveee to see some pictures if you realize one of those! We already know it will be prettier than our version but it’s fine, we accept it!