Gold Plated Chunky Chain Necklace


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Gold Plated Chunky Chain Necklace

Made of brass and gold plated. Length of the Necklace is 40 cm. 

Simple yet strong, this Gold Plated Chunky Chain Necklace. You will never have to take it off because this necklace goes with everything in your closet.

Mix it up with different necklaces to add a bit of edge to your look, not overdone but with the right amount of flash. Just add some funky earrings and bracelets to match, and you're good to go.

Wear this Chunky Chain Necklace with the Chunky Chain Bracelet, and consider it a chain reaction.

No make-up, hairspray, and perfume on the Juulry. Remove your Juulry before cleaning, bathing, and sleeping. Don’t bring your Juulry with you in the pool. Keep your Juulry away from chemicals, extreme heat, and too much sunlight.

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